Setup LUCI Studio as a multi-channel server

It is possible to start LUCI Studio several times simultaneously on the same PC with different settings. Then there are multiple so-called “instances” of LUCI Studio running which enables you to receive multiple streams simultaneously. To accomplish this do the following. Install LUCI Studio with the standard installer from our webpages. Create a folder on your desktop called “LS” … Continue reading “Setup LUCI Studio as a multi-channel server”

V2.0 , important update

V 2.0.1 uploaded. Bug: The uploaded version 2.0 created a Logfile. This would impact processor usage a bit. This is now switched off like before. This Logfile will be deleted when you install this new version. Added: Multichannel server-mode is enabled differently now: You may now install Live2 only once and make different shortcuts to … Continue reading “V2.0 , important update”

Stream 5.1 or 7.1 with LUCI STUDIO

LUCI STUDIO can simultaneously stream up to 8 sample-accurate audio channels per instance, bidirectional. Supported codecs are Linear 24 bit and ULCC 24 bit. This can be used to distribute multichannel live recordings from point to point in high quality. To setup LUCI STUDIO with a Multichannel stream please follow the following guide: Activate Surround&Multichannel … Continue reading “Stream 5.1 or 7.1 with LUCI STUDIO”

Audio Interfaces

All our LUCI products are compatible with all audio interfaces that are supported by the Operating system. For Windows it is advisable to use so called ASIO drivers that tend to have smaller latencies ( audio delays ). Most Vendors like RME, Focusrite or Motu have excellent Audio interfaces and supply “multi-client” ASIO drivers. These … Continue reading “Audio Interfaces”