New versions and new website

  • LUCI Live and LUCI Live Lite have received updates for all platforms to v3.0.3 with many new codec formats and more.
  • LUCI Studio has received an update to v4.5 with much improved SIP support and more.
  • And, you probably noticed that our website has received a fresh new look and much improved shopping experience.

Please keep watching this site for more news & information to come.

Luci Studio version 4.0.1

New features:

  • SIP libraries overhauled, you can now use Luci Studio with SIP-accounts and Auto-answer.
  • Follow input mode improved.
  • When a G722 stream arrives, Luci Studio will override the preset return codec-format with G722. This is done so you can connect using either Luci Live Lite (with G722 return stream then) and Luci Live (using the preset return codec-format, mostly AAC at 56 kbps).