Both in the internal network


Suppose you have LUCI Live running on a computer and LUCI STUDIO on another computer with IP-address
Set LUCI LIVE to connect to LUCI STUDIO which is at port 5010.
If your network uses computer-names you can also use these names instead of the IP-address. So if for instance is a computer called “intcomp1” you can also fill in “intcomp1:5010”.
If your network uses a DHCP-server, using the computer-names is also the best way to connect.

LUCI Studio

Set LUCI Studio, which has IP-address,  to listen for incoming streams at port 5010.
All you have to do is only fill in the data port of the server like on the left.
Notice there is no IP-address or URL filled in. Please don’t forget the colon (:) before the port number. This will cause Luci Studio to listen to incoming streams and not send any stream if there is no stream coming in. If it receives a valid stream, it will start sending back to the IP-address and port where the stream is coming from. This technique is commonly known as “Symmetric RTP” .

Start LUCI Studio in server view mode, click on the antenna.

howto4Then start LUCI Live, click the MIC, check volume levels and then click the