New project

newprojectSelect folder+name

Enables you to select the default folder and name of a new project that is used for recording.

Default Output format

This is where you set the default format when you define a new Station.


Tick this to broadcast in Stereo.


Choose the codec you want to use.

Bitrate (Kbps)

The bitrate to use, possible values:
MP2: 48 to 256 kbps.
AAC mono: 32 to 160 kbps
AAC stereo: 64 to 256 kbps
AAC-HE mono: 16 to 64 kbps
AAC-HE stereo: 16 to 128 kbps
AAC-HEv2 stereo: 16 to 56 kbps.
AAC-HE oversampled SBR stereo: 96 to 256 kbps.

Record format

If the user records with the main program, you have 2 options for the format of the recording:

  1. Output format – the recording will be done using the same format as set above. This feature is very useful if you want to locally backup everything that is transmitted without the need of playing this live
  2. Wave – the recording will be done in uncompressed wave-format. This is useful if you want to use the recording in LUCI Studio again.