Save live

Recording while broadcasting live

You have the ability to save the live audio that you transmit by recording the item. This is a precaution in case you loose your internet-connection but are still sending important news and you do
not want your recordings to get lost. It is best to define a new project before starting to record.
Choose menu File ? New project for recording LUCI will then ask you for a name that will be used for the recordings.
For this example the name ‘default’ is chosen.

savelive1Now Go Live by tapping the MIC-button.
Then press the Record-button.
The time-indicator will start to run and the name besides the Record-button will be the file you are recording. If you press the Record-button again, recording stops. If you then press the Record-button again, recording continues in the same file as before. Only if you deactivate the MIC-button, this recording will be closed and the filename increments to default01 to indicate the new filename you will record the next time.
You can also record without broadcasting Live: Press Record and then Mic or vice-versa.