Stream 5.1 or 7.1 with LUCI STUDIO

LUCI STUDIO can simultaneously stream up to 8 sample-accurate audio channels per instance, bidirectional. Supported codecs are Linear 24 bit and ULCC 24 bit. This can be used to distribute multichannel or surround live recordings from point to point in high quality.

To setup LUCI STUDIO with a Multichannel stream please follow the following guide:

Activate Surround&Multichannel Plugin

The Multichannel feature is a separate plugin that can be bought in our shop. Easiest way is to select the Buy link in the LUCI STUDIO About window, so you get directly to the LUCI shop item with your activation code filled in.
After finishing the purchase, press the Re-Activate for License update button and wait for a positive result. Now LUCI STUDIO Multichannel license is all set.

LUCI STUDIO setup as Multichannel streamer (sender)

The IP of the receiving end with the same audio port in a format ip:port. The IP can either be a IPv4, IPv6 or dynamic domain name.

Only RTP, SC-RTP or SIP can be used.

Output format
At this moment multichannel audio is only supported at L24 and ULCC24 formats. When selected the number of channels to stream can be selected to be Mono, Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1.
When you use the L24 format, the channels are not encoded/compressed, so the transfer is transparant, all channels are sent independently of each other. So 5.1 is actually plain 6 channel audio, 7.1 is plain 8 channel audio. With the ULCC codec this is not the case, channel ordering must be considered, see “Select Audio I/O” for that.

LUCI STUDIO setup as Multichannel receiver

The audio port, in this example 5010, will be used for Audio. Even for Multichannel only one port is used. Be sure this port is port-forwarded in your router ( see LUCI STUDIO How-To: UDP port forwarding for RTP incoming stream )

Only RTP, SC-RTP or SIP can be used.

Output format

This will be the codec used for sending the audio back ( return channels ) and may differ from receiving audio codec in format AND channel number.

You may for instance send a mono stream back when receiving multichannel audio.
If you set it to “Follow caller” the audio will be send back with the same codec and number of channels.

Selecting the audio channels

Choose “Select audio I/O” to go to the Audio Selecting dialog.

For Multichannel audio on a Windows PC you need to select the ASIO driver of your multichannel audio device. ASIO is a proprietary audio interface standard which bypasses the windows operating system’s mixing kernel, so providing lowest latency direct communication between computer audio software and hardware. Almost all Hardware manufacturers supply an ASIO driver.

Here’s an example screen when you have purchased the Surround plugin, you can choose different modes for the input and output independently: Mono, Stereo, 5.1 surround or 7.1 surround.

This is how the main screen will look like if you’ve chosen a multichannel Audio I/O:

Workflow RTP

The workflow for setting up a RTP connection is the same ( see LUCI STUDIO 5 Work flow ).

At the receiver, press the antenna so the server is live and will monitor all incoming data on the set port.

At the transmitter,  press the antenna and by pressing the Mic button the audio will be send to the receiver and the return audio will be received, showing the green led indicator.

Workflow SIP

The workflow for setting up a SIP connection is the same (see Connect LUCI using SIP).

At the both sides press the antenna to register at the SIP server.

At the transmitter, pressing the Mic button will make a SIP call to the receiving end. If the call is accepted at the receiver, the audio will be send to the receiver and the return audio will be received, showing the green led indicator.

Pleas note
  • Use audio interfaces ( and ASIO drivers) that can handle the amount of audio inputs en outputs. You cannot combine the audio channels of different devices.
  • When you have a license for more instances on the same PC, all these instancess can be multichannel.