Audio cards

Here we will list a few things you should take into account when you use Audio cards from Specific manufacturers:


  1. Multichannel audio cards from this manufacturer do not support multi-client ASIO. So if you want to use ASIO in LUCI Live or LUCI Studio, make sure no other software is using ASIO with the same audio card. This also means that only 1 instance of LUCI Studio can be used with ASIO. Preferably use the standard Windows audio driver.
  2. Switch off “Sync Start” in the Lynx driver settings.


Audinate has 2 different virtual audio ASIO drivers for use with Dante interfaces:

  1. Dante Virtual Soundcart. All though it has support for 32 audio channels it’s only limited to one Application (not multi client !), so can only be used by LUCI LIVE or LUCI STUDIO with 1 instance ( simultaneous streams ).
  2. Dante Via. This is suitable for LUCI STUDIO with more instances (simultaneous streams). It can handle 16 channels per instances which is sufficient for one LUCI STUDIO instance ( max 7.1 ).