Starting guide for LUCI LIVE on USB

If you have bought LUCI LIVE on USB it is shipped to you fully installed and licensed. It has no installer and can be started by directly by double clicking the LuciLive app form either the Windows or OSX ( for the MAC ) Directory.

On Windows you can create a shortcut to your desktop for easy access by right click on the program file and select “Send To – > Desktop”.

On Mac you can create an alias for your desktop, by selecting the application and select “File -> Make Alias ” or dock it by dragging the program file on to the Dock.

Phonebooks will be stored in the Windows/Phonebooks Directory and recording audio files are default saved in the Windows/audio directory.

Please note: LUCI LIVE on USB cannot be used on a PC that has LUCI LIVE for PC/MAC installed. Please deinstall the normal LUCI LIVE for PC/MAC before using the USB version.