Live two way LOW DELAY broadcast

LUCI STUDIO transforms your PC into a high quality live “audio over the internet” receiver and transmitter.

The main features of LUCI STUDIO are listed below

  • Platform OS Windows , MACos or Linux
  • 30 day license available which can be upgraded to a lifetime license
  • Upgrade to usb possible, so you can use it on any Windows computer without installing and registering the software again, as the usb drive will also act as a dongle.
  • Streaming protocols: RTP, SC-RTP, SIP, SHOUTcast, ICEcast, Multicast Src, Multicast Rcv
  • Stream cloning i.e. send redundant streams via multiple network interfaces
  • Compression: MP2,AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, Opus, G711, G722, Linear 16-bit, Linear 24-bit, ULCC
  • No. of streams: bidirectional stereo by default, optional up to 64 stereo streams possible (add additional streams later)
  • Kbps / Bit rate: 24 kbps to 2304 kbps
  • Latency: 20-500 ms
  • RTP Server
  • Expandable to receive a video stream
  • Expandable to be remotely controlled by Ember plus and SNMP
  • Expandable to send and receive 5.1 and 8.1 surround audio.
  • Extra’s: audio file recording, playing, editing, uploading, enterprise features and customizations

Long term support (LTS)

We support the earlier (Windows 32-bit) version of Luci Studio, version 4 only with bug fixes. The Manual for version 4 is still available here.

Free help desk (LTS)

Free help desk through our dedicated support centre .