Difference for LUCI Studio on USB

For LUCI Studio on USB it’s a bit different then written in the previous:

  1. use “LUCI Studio Set Up.exe ” to setup up all audio IO for 1 stream. Also check options “Server View” and “Allow multiple instances” ( the number of streams licensed is indicated ).
  2. run “LUCI Studio.exe” and make sure that everything works for that stream.
  3. copy the whole “LUCI Studio” directory on the USB disk to a “LUCI Studio – 2” directory on the same USB disk.
  4. use “Luci Studio – 2/Luci Studio Set Up.exe ” to set Different “Station 1 Server port number (5012..)” and Audio I/O for 2nd stream.
  5. repeat item 2 till 4 for the all other streams.
  6. optionally you can create shortcuts to all the different “Luci Studio.exe” either on your desktop or on the USB disk.

NOTE: It’s only possible to run LUCI Studio on USB on a special USB drive, available at our shop.