Avoid echo on return stream

When you hear yourself with a delay from the return stream, there are a few things you have to check here:

  1. You need to use a headphone, to avoid the laptops microphone to pick up the studio’s return stream, LUCI has no echo cancelling.
  2. The Laptop microphone is routed by the OS to the laptop’s speaker: uncheck the Microphone’s Property “Listen to this device”.
  3. The studio is sending a stream back to you containing the broadcasted audio with your stream mixed in it, so you hear yourself with some delay. They need to set up a mix-minus audio routing configuration, where you only get the audio broadcasted, but without your voice.
  4. On Mobiles we have a special setting called Xtalk compensation
    By this option the cross talk on the headset will be cancelled. If you use a headset or MIKI cable and the radio-station hears themselves back too loud, turning compensate On is advised. This will cause LUCI to output inverted audio on the L and R headphone output, thereby cancelling any cross-talk back into the microphone input via the headset connector itself.